Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Russian, Austrian and British SYW Command

 All for sale ..4% if paypal  surcharge  if outside of oz, 2% if withing Oz. buy 3 or more of the  larhe multiple bases and take  a 10% discount .all Prices are  in AUD

1. Russian Cuirassier General , and trumpeter  $75

2. Russian Marshal , $80

3.Austrian Marshal, Not for Sale


4.Austrian General , with a Grenadier and Artillery officer, $80

5. Austrian Cavalry General and Dragoon officer, $75

6. Austrian Infantry General and  Grenadier officer ,$65

7. British Cavalry General and his orderly, $75

8. British Cavalry General and escort,$75

9. The Fat Duke ..and officer, $65

Genral Kingsley ..NOT For Sale

10. British senior officer   ,foot officer and  bulldog ,$65

11.Another British Cavalry General and escort  ,$75

And  Tom the veteran.. a usefull marker..$20

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