Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Prussia, Hanoverian and French SYW command


All for sale ..4% if pay pal surcharge if outside of oz, 2% if within Oz. Buy 3 or more of the large multiple bases and take a 10% discount .All Prices are in AUD

13. Prussian General and  aide, in the uniform of IR.23, $75

14.Frederick the Great and two officers  in the uniform of IR 7, $80

15. Frederick the Great and an officer of IR 46, $70

16. Cuirassier General  and trumpeter in  3rd cuirassier uniform. NFS

17.General Wunsche, and  troops of von Kleist's  Freikorps

18. Cuirassier General and trumpeter in the uniform of the 2nd Cuirassiers, $65

21.The  Fat Duke in his Hanoverian uniform  $65

 20.Hanoverian General ,$65

19. Prussian officer , in the uniform of IR 41. ..good for a moral of initiative marker

22. Casualties, two Prussian jaeger and a musketeer of IR 7, $52

23.  French Commander ,$95

24 French Cavalry General, $75

Senior Officer Cuirassier Regiment 2,$20

Frederick ,$20
Officer Hussar Regiment  1. $20

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