Saturday, 2 January 2010


Tomorrow, Sunday, sees a very pivotal battle between the Army of Vandenburg-Brussia, under King Oscar the Great and the Imperial Army (Vorlund & Hinterland) under General Loudon von Grauwulf..It follows the prior turn encounter between Von Bayerlin for the Empire and Oscat at Alt Hugel,Hex 08.15 ,
Unable to evade the Army of Loudon , waiting to spring a trap the Vandeburgers are now forced to fight again..While Oscar is a great commander the lack of Light Cavalry makes it very difficult to avoid the Imperial, with their 6 brigades of Huzzars...Oscar has a lot of rethinking to do about his lights and heavies that are next to useless...anyway tomorrow brings a new day..


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    By [URL=]conrad_hawkwood[/URL] at 2009-12-31

  2. This is the original stuff that inspired my own Direktorat developement. Fantastic work, looks great Herr Hawkwood, BTW do they 'elect' their leaders?


  3. no..only the emperor and that was a bit nerve wracking for Rex who was the Imperial returning officer