Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Prussians vs Swedes SYW

Well today's stonk was fun..It was a Swedish meets the Prussians ..sort of affair.. The Swedes had 3 6SP infantry brigades 5 5 sp infantry brigades , 5 4sp Infantry brigades, 2 3 sp Irregular Light infantry brigades, a 2 3Sp Irregular cavalry brigades, 2 35sp LC brigades and 2 6 SP Heavy cavalry brigades commanded by and average general.
They were faced by 2 7SP Prussian musketeer brigades, 2 6SP fusilier brigades, 2 6SP "garrison" brigades, 4 3SP II freikorp brigades, 2 6SP Hussar brigades 1 6SP LC brigade 3 IRC 3 Sp brigades and 1 gun They had a dragoon brigade at the start but Frederick summoned this back to his command before the battle began..
The idea was see how a Swedish force worked, or didn't work, and how a second string Prussian force composition worked..
The Swedes were a little predictable in the  faffing about sense, mostly -1 and a few -2  commanders.... and the second string Prussians were still quite surprising nasty what with nearly everycommander being Exceptional..the game began in turn 2, late morning and ran to turn 5 late afternoon, at which point  the Swedes broke and fled after lhaving lost  7.5 brigades to 0 Prussians..one or two of the Prussians had been roughly handled but otherwise they were all  relatively intact.
The Swedes, represented by Kopfschlagers and other on my imagination troops, were out scouted and Generals Gunnar Larkspurson and Wacca Waccasonn  decided to form a deep right of infantry covered by the left of cavalry and infantry and the far right by the Irregular infantry in the town .They intended to "punch " through what ever was to their front with their right.
The Prussian under Count von Thigheski  and von Manningstein formed an extended line , with their cavalry on their right , and the freikorp to the left moving through the woods and to assail the village full of their Swedish opposite numbers..

In short the Prussian cavalry and the musketeers , acting as the hammer ,overwhelmed and destroyed their opposite numbers , while the fusiliers and garrison acted as the anvil pinning the majority of the Swedish foot to their front..The Swedes were bedeviled by a crisis in activation and really didn't get their infantry plan moving until too late .. 4 regular, 1 irregular cavalry and 3 infantry brigades had all been destroyed and their will to fight vanished in the afternoon sun..
a great game and thanks to those who made the nearly 4 hour round trip to play..and lunch was very good as well..
All the pics here pinched from Bob Mannings facebook page..other pics on the Ne Plus Ultra site


  1. Another victory for the forces of Right!

  2. It looks like you had some marvelous fun . . . too bad that the Swedes didn't acquit themselves a bit better.

    Well, there is always next time.

    -- Jeff

  3. Thanks for the wonderful eye-candy - and for the oportunity to discover, as 'Swedes', some of the KS original uniforms.