Friday, 16 April 2010

a montage..

some photgraphs taken by a big camera of a recent Game at the cumberland association monthly meeting ..I was not there so I am not sure of the details but a lot of eye candy..
Minfigs from 32 years ago..imagination and Prussians from the last 18 months..And I painted a lot of both!!


  1. certainly looked exciting enough ...
    and those were 15's?
    Extremely fine work! Such detailing I find hard to do even with the 25+ size!

  2. Wonderful! Very nicely painted. - Mike

  3. Lovely figures indeed . . . very nice, sir.

    -- Jeff

  4. This battle was a coalition of the forces of the United provinces and the Elector of Enteburg taking on the might of Vandenburg-Brussia.

    The coalition formed up with the stout Enteburgers on the left with six brigades of cavalry on their left in three lines and 9 brigades of infantry drawn up in two lines in the centre.

    The United provinces formed the right of the coalition line with 12 brigades of infantry in two lines and 6 brigades of cavalry.

    Both forces closed to engage with the Brussians destroyed the United provinces first line as the Enteburgers destroyed the Brussian right.

    The Enteburgers began to turn to roll up the Brussian centre when both the United provinces forces and those of Brussia broke and withdrew from the battlefield.

    Victory to Enteburg!

  5. Eye-candy!
    The grenadiers in light blue coat [3rd from top] look a lot like the famous Erbrprinz regiment in Young's "Charge!"
    (re. its rendition by Phil Olley).

  6. Long time no see those type of games. Very nice CH,