Friday, 25 February 2011

Prussian command , and markers

. Frederick II of Prussian, and two officers of IR I/15

.An initiative marker for M&R?..Hauptmann  Reuben,"Gockel", von Zahnbrennen of IR.46 and a supine Grenadier of IR1,

. Kr 2 ..the price of battle..

IR 1 casualties

and the Garde du Corp..standard left balnk for the ownwer to paint it i on, he is very very good at  freehand and I am not..

There is an intersting , but seemingly unspoken,  debate on the facings..I have gone with  The Greemwood  & Ball  concept..and madder red and orange is very easily confused and then the question of scale colour..
and then these guys..I have painted a number of sets of them and currently these are for sale

 Band of the Uhlans of  Prussian Freikorp's von Kleist

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  1. Lovely, seen these in flesh just before basing all supurb work. I think the Orange facings make sense as red was such a common colour already in the Prussian army. You need something to stand out up close for recognition of the unit, but not so much as the enemy may make them out from a distance and guess what type of sledge hammer is coming perhaps!!!