Friday, 8 July 2011

The Army of the Duchy of Dachsdorf

Ruled by a cadet branch of the von Schnauzer family this small duchy is the junior element in the larger political unity known as Dachsdorf-Bieberhof. Its army comprises five  infantry regiment and two dragoon regiments. In wartime this force forms 3 infantry brigades and a dragoon brigade.
All figures are Front Rank except for the command stand and the Guards base, which are  Foundry .
David if NBA  produced the excellent flags.

The Caribineers and Dr.Rgt.Princess Susan

Duke  Johan von Schnauzer von Dachsdorf  , the Foot Guards and the  combined grenadiers

Ir vonGansjaeger and Ir von Dachshund

Ir Rgt von Wuhlmauser and Ir rgt von Igel

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  1. Splendid troops and flags! :-)

    The cavalry standards have come out especially well, I think.