Sunday, 10 January 2010

Habischwald Flags and colours ..Well David at NBA has been.........................................................

hard at work and what wonderous work it has been...He has provided the colours and standards for my imagination states of Hoche-Affeburg, Gluckheim and here is his work for the Line and Guard infantry of The Duchy of Habischwald.


  1. I cannot emphasise too much how easy David is to work with and how reasonable are his charges and I sincerely recommend him to all those who wish for quality Imagi-nation flags or those tricky not that well documented flags that need a bit of creative but realistic Kopf-Schlager and many other of the courts of Pangaea we fire an eighteen gun salute..

  2. All I can think to say is that certain Imagi-Nations will have good reason to fear those troops under the "red eagle" banners.

    Very nice designs.

    -- Jeff

  3. Truly excellent Colors indeed!
    The reverse of the coin is that, now, we are eagerly looking forward for pics and unit profiles of all these regiments...

  4. "Der Direktorat aus Herrschaden sends salutations on the acquisition of these most excellent looking colours".

    "On authorization of code ID: OIIIIIIIO, the Direktorat intends to dispatch an inspektor to the electorat of Kopf-Schlager, with the express aim of co-operation in the apprehension of the Ordo criminal Ricardo Au gout Apre".

    ...that is all, for the moment"...

  5. Sir David has certainly out done himself. What a wonderful resource he provides. All the best to the proud units who serve under these great banners...

  6. Some more examples of David's excellent work! Any regiment would be proud to fight under such colors.