Thursday, 12 April 2012

Polonian Fuslier Brigade

This brigade is made up of two regiments,  Fusilier Rgt.  Count Jarosław Araszkiewicz

Like many units in Pangaea who sport   rose facings the turnbacks are all other cases apart from the Guards.. the turnbacks  are red..Officers wear breeches  in the facingcolour and a silver and red sash ,knotted on the right in the Polonian manner..all cockades are white.

and Fuslier Regt.Redmond  von Barrie


  1. A great idea to give officers breeches of the facing color! Breaks the monochromy / monotony of otherwise a little gloomy-looking units (which would look more... glorious with white gaiters, I'm sure).

  2. I may be a tad late but excellent stuff.