Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Imperial Flags , Colours, Guidons and Standards of Vorlund & Hinterland

All from the talented pen of David at NBA


  1. Wonderful flags indeed! I was getting concerned about Sir David's absence, but I see he's been busy with his latest creations. What a master...

  2. A very nice selection of flags . . . now I want to see them flying over painted troops.

    -- Jeff

  3. A marvelous set of Colours indeed, combining so perfectly originality with 'historical likelihood'!
    The Wolf was to be expected, but in Monte-Cristo we specially appreciate the substitution of (Austrian) Virgin Mary with Venus rising from the Sea... A fitting homage to Empress Annabel.

  4. a fine selection of flags

    -- Allan

  5. Classic work from the Master himself! Like Jeff I can't wait to see them flying over the heads of their regiments.