Friday, 25 February 2011

His Majesty's XXVth Regiment of Foote 1759

somewhere in North Germany

all corrected, Crusader and Front Rank

Prussian command , and markers

. Frederick II of Prussian, and two officers of IR I/15

.An initiative marker for M&R?..Hauptmann  Reuben,"Gockel", von Zahnbrennen of IR.46 and a supine Grenadier of IR1,

. Kr 2 ..the price of battle..

IR 1 casualties

and the Garde du Corp..standard left balnk for the ownwer to paint it i on, he is very very good at  freehand and I am not..

There is an intersting , but seemingly unspoken,  debate on the facings..I have gone with  The Greemwood  & Ball  concept..and madder red and orange is very easily confused and then the question of scale colour..
and then these guys..I have painted a number of sets of them and currently these are for sale

 Band of the Uhlans of  Prussian Freikorp's von Kleist

Hessian & Hanoverian command

. Hanoverian Command Group in the uniform of  IR von Wagenheim , with the daschunds Prinz und Prinzessen

 "Watch out for the bloody dog!"
Hessian command group, Front Rank, foundry .mega miniatures .

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Grafin Keira von Ritterfeld ,

and her escort and  parasol bearer, the dashing  Leutnant Orlando von Blume of the Witzboldfeld Chasseurs

civilians of Pangaea

Bernhardt Schwarz, bookseller  and proprieter of die Buchhandlung an Schwarz

For Pz Ferdinand

Seven Years War command and other bits and bobs for sale

mostly for sale..take 3 or more and get a 10% saving, paypal attracts its usual bit extra

3. Frederick II of Prussian and an officer of IR 1. $65

9. Band of the Uhlans of  Prussian Freikorp's von Kleist $110


GWZ sent me these when he first made them..finally finished them..

Pulp troops for Pz Ferdinand

Part of our 18thC pulp gaming genre, these are  troops of the Emperor..somewhere on the Polonian border.

Enteburg hussar column

All Eureka Saxon hussars