Saturday, 30 October 2010

IR 40

Lost  in The Great Rumhead's Tavern Forum Diaspora .It has now been returned  to its home.I need to get a pic of it  with its flags..double click for a nice big picture..

Friday, 29 October 2010

SYW Imperial Fieldmarshal

Front Rank Charles of Lorraine..I really like this figure, first time I have painted the  General with lapels, came up nicely..

Pangaean Female Privateer

some say she is none other than the Archduchess Stephanie , gone a privateering with her chum the Countess Gillian of Anderson(Jilly of the bugle), others say she is the Gaellian Princess of the Ships , Grace O'Malley..whatever..

More Generals..British and Hanoverian

"Ouiet boy , stop that damn tootling , it is annoying the hound , don'cha see.."
British General in Guards uniform, for Sale $60AUD ALL SOLD

British commander in the uniform of the 25th Regiment of Foot,for Sale $60AUD
Hanoverian General in the uniform of the Regiment von Sporckern For Sale $60 AUD
Hanoverian General in the uniform of the Regiment Alt von  Zastrow For Sale $60 AUD
Hanoverian Cavalry General ,For Sale $60AUD

Hessian and Brunswick Generals

Hessian  Lt General von Wutginau, commander of the 6th column at Minden, 01/08/1759 For Sale $70AUD

Brunswick Lt General von Imhoff, commander of the 7th column at Minden,For Sale $60AUD
These groups are for sale , please enquire if you are interested..

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Graf Kent von Dorfman

...of the Duchy of Hoche-Affeburg

More Generals..


General Napier and his chum Crispin d'Starkadder of the XXth foot, for sale $56AUD

General Sackville and a very possibly fuming Granby, For Sale $56 AUD 

General Kingsley and his dog Winstone

Personalities of Pangaea

a close up of The Most Reverend Theodoric
A nobleman , The most Reverend  Theodoric, a Hoche Affeburg officer

Monday, 25 October 2010

Hoche-Affeburg foot

Margrave Kent Dorfman's Fuslier Brigade, flags by David of NBA

Last of the Habischwalders..

The last units for the Habischwalders have been completed and here are their pictures, flags by David at NBA
Graf Wilhelm's cuirassiers

and Graf Christof's Dragoons

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

For Pz.Ferdinand

Pz.Ferdinand of Ikeonia and his finance minister

A pulp person

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Front Rank highlanders

Two shots of the command group  of Front Rank highlanders, The Black Watch, of the SYW that I painted for Blue Willow . Photo by Greg Blake