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Prinz Andrei, Herzog von Bieberhof und Dachsdorf..

Count  of Hitzacker, Marshal of the Army of Holdstein..and his daschunds Scheri and Snorkus

Personalities of Alba

The  three leading Albanesian commanders

Don Alexander Farneses, Duque de Parma, Count de San Kylie, Marshal of Alba.Known far and wide as The Butcher

 Don Fernando Álvarez, Duque de Talado, Marshal of Alba, Regent of Sardeena , Governor of Duo-Cipolla. Viceroy of Italica-Majora.

Sir George Stanford , Duke de Melcastria, Marshal of Alba , Knight of the Grand Order of the Cross of Dal Riada. His uniforn is that of the Real Gaellians..a "Wild Geese" unit, also know in the Alba OB as Tercio Irlanda
dogs from 

Gluckheim's command

Marshal , the Baron von Kramer

 Major General , The Count Costanzza

Major General ,The Graf Leopold

Major General ,The Graf Mordecai von Seinfeld

Major Genreal , Graf George von Steinbrenner

civilians for my chum larkers

Habischwald Regiment :The Foot Guards

Flags by David of NBA

Enteburg Troops

The Enteburg Fuslier Regiment ,The Elector of Huhnerland's Regiment
The Enteburg Regiment, De Souris's Helvetians

The Enteburg Regiment .The Count of Haut-Bois's Grenadiers of Enteburg

 Count Viktor Smirnoff's Frei -Pandour Korp
All the flags by David of NBA