Wednesday, 15 December 2010

General Stahl, the Undefeated completed

Major General Friedrich Phillip-Emmanuel Kristian von Gans-Pflücken, Baron Stahl, Count of Sontar , Proprietor of Ir10., von Sontar, of the Pangaean Reichs Armee Stahldof Kreis ,Member of the Enteburg Order of St Daffyd, (The Order of the Black Duck), in the fetching General's version of the uniform of his Regiment " The Ducal Sontarans", and his wife , the beautiful Baroness Charlotte-Magdalena Katerina von Sontar und Stahl, and his sheep dog Hector.
The story of his creation can be seen at

Baron Stahl and his chum Don Emilio Estevez ,Alban Consul General to the Sacred court of the Elector Spiritual


  1. *Great* characters!
    How can the tubby, neither so young nor handsome, General Stahl keep the faithful love of such a young beauty as the Baroness is a miracle of our times.